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What is Internet Protocol (IP)?

You might have heard about IP or IP address and wonder what it really meant. Well, this blog post aims to break things down and explain what you need to know about Internet Protocol.

Internet Protocol (IP) is a set of rules that enables computers in a networked environment to…


Python has different options when it comes to virtual environment. Virtualenv, Pipenv, Conda, and Poetry all strive to maintain Python libraries project-specific, and they all succeed admirably.

Both Pip and Virtualenv were added to Python during the years when dependencies were installed manually into a device folder. …

This might be a pretty new concept to some people, to some, they have probably heard about it. In this blog post, we will take a deep dive into understanding ZK-Rollup and its concept.


In the context of distributed ledger technologies, layers refer to frameworks built on top of existing…

What is Identity and Access Management?

Identity and Access Management, also IAM are policies, tools, solutions, procedures that organisations use to handle user identity and control user access to their corporate network. IAM’s principal aim is to secure corporate assets by ensuring that, in the right conditions, only the right users can reach them. Users who…

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