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OpenAPI, Github, and Microsoft have created a new tool called Copilot, which uses code suggestions to help developers write better code.

For example, while you are working on a single file in your editor, GitHub Copilot pulls context from the code you’re working on and provides suggestions for whole lines or even complete functions right there. Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?

What is Internet Protocol (IP)?

You might have heard about IP or IP address and wonder what it really meant. Well, this blog post aims to break things down and explain what you need to know about Internet Protocol.

Internet Protocol (IP) is a set of rules that enables computers in a networked environment to communicate with each other. And by enabling computers to efficiently communicate, the Internet itself has become possible. Without it, we would not be living in the modern and ever-expanding world that we do. …

You might have used a URL shortener before, such as or . They are useful for shortening long (ugly) URLs to short (more appealing) link that you can easily share with your friends, family or co-workers.

A URL shortener can be built with different frameworks. It’s hard to choose a JavaScript framework — because there’s too many of them, and the differences are not immediately obvious.
When choosing frameworks for a project the things I look out for are productivity (“how fast can I get things done”) and performance (“how fast will my web app be”) they are…


Python has different options when it comes to virtual environment. Virtualenv, Pipenv, Conda, and Poetry all strive to maintain Python libraries project-specific, and they all succeed admirably.

Both Pip and Virtualenv were added to Python during the years when dependencies were installed manually into a device folder. At the moment, the idea of isolating packages on a per-project basis was quite new.

Poetry is perhaps the most advanced dependency management option accessible in Python today. Poetry extends far past dependencies, with functionality such as generating. …

Having the right talent will greatly impact your business, both financially and from a productivity standpoint. Now that brings us to the question, how do you determine if a developer is a good fit?

The job interview is the traditional approach to evaluate the suitability of applicants. However, it is shocking how rarely recruiting managers do any kind of professional evaluation during these interviews.

Skills to look for in a great developer

Good developers are hard to discover. Skills will differ a lot from developer to developer.

Finding the right talent can also have an enormous impact on your organisation. According to studies, top performers are more productive…

This might be a pretty new concept to some people, to some, they have probably heard about it. In this blog post, we will take a deep dive into understanding ZK-Rollup and its concept.


In the context of distributed ledger technologies, layers refer to frameworks built on top of existing ledgers to increase their throughput and address. There are two types of layers: layer 1 and layer 2 known as the main chain and off-chain respectively.

Layer 1

Layer 1 also known as main chain refers to the blockchain or distributed ledger itself.

Layer 2

Layer 2 also known as off-chain refers to frameworks…

In my previous post, we have talked on and How to set up A. Diving further into IAM, in this post, we would be looking at understanding the basics of IAM policy.

A little recap: Policies are regulations, set of permissions which you apply to a user, group or role. Only access stated will be granted.

AWS provides both AWS Managed Policies and customized or personalized policies to suit your needs. …

In my we looked at the basis of IAM, the different IAM components and its benefits. In this article, we would be looking at how to manage access to AWS services and resources securely using AWS Identity and Access Management(IAM).

AWS Identity and Access Management

The guard of your AWS deployment is IAM. IAM in AWS helps facilitates the management of:

  1. IAM facilitates the management of Users(real-world user or pseudo-user) and Groups(collections of users).
  2. IAM setup is done once even if you have multi-region deployment as it is a global service.
  3. IAM supports several authentication capabilities from basic password-based authentication to integrating with…

What is Identity and Access Management?

Identity and Access Management, also IAM are policies, tools, solutions, procedures that organisations use to handle user identity and control user access to their corporate network. IAM’s principal aim is to secure corporate assets by ensuring that, in the right conditions, only the right users can reach them. Users who may want access to these assets could vary from humans to non-humans. Therefore, before accessing a network, non-human users, such as computer hardware and Internet of Things (IoT) computers, applications that make API calls must be authenticated. …

BaaS, also known as Blockchain as a service is used by companies or enterprises that build blockchain applications to manage cloud-based networks. Blockchain application has evolved from being just to handle cryptocurrency transactions to securing transactions of different kinds. BaaS is a third-party service that is new to the rapidly growing field of blockchain. It runs the back-end operations for blockchain apps like a web host. With BaaS, the adoption of blockchain is most likely to skyrocket.

BaaS is adopted from the software as a service (SaaS) model and they both have the same similarity in their functions. It allows…

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